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Where the evolutions become the main murchandise.
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 Main Rules

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Guardian Of The Forest

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PostSubject: Main Rules   Sun Nov 09, 2008 3:47 pm

Jolteon wrote:

Okay, so this site is mostly for role playing..!! So look these up carefully.

1. You can not god mod in here while battling! Everyone gets hurt and if you wanted to figure it out, flip a coin... or roll a dice.

2. Please do not cuss in here. Find some way to sensor it.

3. There is no limit to what you can say on the forums; just make sure the other is okay with it.

4. Have fun =D

5. You can be more then one of the evolutions! -The first ones will be the main ones of this page.-

6.Your evolution can be human if so desired.

7: If you're planning on mating, please keep in mind it's a pg-13 site. Don't be to graphical.

8. If your account has been inactive for over a week with no reason, you will be warned.

9. You do not have to be an Eevee evolution. It's just preferred that you are. You can be any other Pokemon and you HAVE to be a Pokemon.
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Main Rules
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